About Us

Welcome to The Heritage Candle Company!

The Heritage Candle Co. started when I (Claudia) came across a beautiful sparrow candle mould in a beekeeping store. I was enamoured with the intricate details. I jumped headfirst into learning as much as I could about perfecting the craft.

I firmly believe that supporting our local beekeepers is an important part in supporting our ecosystem, our local apiaries, and the environment.

Our logo is designed after my grandparents homestead. Burning beeswax candles reminds me of walking through my grandparent’s meadow and finding bees on rich blue cornflowers along the dirt path.

Heritage is a respect for our past

  • We use time honoured techniques to handcraft our candles.
  • Our candles are truly handmade. No machines make our candles, just a patient human hand and years of experience. Each candle is carefully inspected and those that don’t meet our standards get thrown back into our wax pot.
  • There are no nasty chemicals in our candles. Just 100% Canadian beeswax and a lead free cotton wick.

Heritage is also our future. We want to leave a good heritage for those who come after us

  • We use as little plastic packaging as possible.
  • We never have our beeswax come into contact with Teflon/PFOA in our manufacturing process.
  • We source our beeswax from small Canadian apiaries that respect the environment.

I hope you’ll enjoy our candles,

Owner, Candle Maker